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Judith P. Meyer, Esq. works as a mediator and as a fact finder in public school districts and institutions of higher education.


Judith has mediated more than a dozen matters involving disputes within universities and colleges. Her mediations have involved involved contract breaches, challenges to tenure denials, alleged rape, Title IX and intra-faculty disputes.


Judith also served as a fact finder in helping colleges and universities manage risk.


Examples of Judith Meyer's fact finding include:

  • Fact finding in dispute between Dean of School of Education and Director of On-Line Learning over authority of On-Line center to enroll students and advertise course material.

  • Fact finding in public school district in which female teachers were filing complaints of bullying and intimidation by male faculty.

  • Fact finding where complaint of racial discrimination was filed alleging bullying and intimidation by staff of three departments of a community college. Judith interviewed 21 witnesses and produced a 70-page report of findings and suggestions for remediation.

  • Fact finding in a Big 10 University where tenured faculty member was dating students, failing to fulfill administrative responsibilities, and intimidating female colleagues.

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